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Bank – opinions about payday and review.


The offer of the first non-bank Creilona credit card is directed mainly at clients who are looking for modern financial products and like innovative solutions. This product will certainly interest consumers who care about safe and stable lending.

It is worth emphasizing that the Creilona credit card was created in cooperation with Bankate Bank Polska SA and MasterCard to ensure a product of the highest quality.

Creilona – offer

Creilona - offer

The Creilona credit card gives you the option of performing cashless operations and withdrawing money around the world at locations marked with the MasterCard logo. In addition, this financial product includes a contactless payment option.

Creilona’s offer includes credit limits on a credit card in the amount from 600 PLN to 3000 PLN. It is worth noting here that the limit depends on the individual assessment of the customer’s creditworthiness. Repayment of the amount used or the minimum amount can be made at a convenient time for you from several available settlement periods. The standard billing period is 30 days.

In the event that we decide to get a Creilona credit card, then in the first year of use we will not pay any interest.

Creilona also offers the option of placing a FastCash transfer order up to 80% of the limit granted. In this way, the funds will be on our bank account within one business day. Importantly, the remaining amount can be used with a card that will be sent to the address provided.

Creilona – increasing the credit limit on your Creilona credit card

Any customer with a Creilona credit card can increase the credit limit via:

  • customer panel,
  • telephone contact with customer service,
  • e-mail or postal parcel,
  • visits to the Creilona headquarters.

Creilona – what is the process of applying for a credit card?

Creilona - what is the process of applying for a credit card?

Below is a step-by-step guide that explains in detail the process of applying for a Creilona credit card.

  • First you need to go to the Creilona website, select the limit amount on your credit card and specify how much money you want from the card by quick transfer to our bank account,
  • We then complete a simple Creilona credit card application. In this form, we provide information about our personal data,
  • The last step concerns a verification transfer of one penny. In this way, Creilona will verify our identity and bank account.

When we receive a positive credit decision, we immediately receive money to our bank account. In addition, Creilona will send us a physical credit card.

Important – a Creilona customer can only apply for one credit card.

Creilona – conditions

Creilona - conditions

It should be remembered that in the process of applying for a Creilona credit card can take consumers who meet the following conditions:

  • have the citizenship of the Republic of Poland,
  • have an active cell phone
  • are between 21 and 65 years old,

Creilona requires one penny transfer from its clients to verify its identity and bank account. This solution applies in the event that someone tries to use our personal data to obtain a financial liability.

In a situation where we are impatient and do not want to wait for the verification transfer to be posted by Creilona, we can use the BlueMedia instant transfer. This is an excellent solution that is currently gaining more and more popularity among consumers in our country.

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